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Who We Are

Our Business Philosophy

To be both professional head-hunters and farmers in Recruitment Industry.

We are BOTH Head-Hunters; and FARMERS who groom our long-term career. We do not treasure short-term success; we strive for long-term success and sustainable growth & development in the Recruitment Industry.

Our Service

What We Do?



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  • Chief Executive, International Insurance Broke
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management
  • Deputy Head, Group Internal Audit
  • Head of Credit Optimization and Monitoring Division, Banking
  • Head of Regional HR
  • Director, Training & Product Coordination
  • Manager International Properties
  • Relationship Manager
  • Change Delivery Manager
  • Financial Services Manager
  • Business Strategy Manage, Banking
  • Assistant Product Development Manager
Who We Work With

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote ethics, integrity and long-term growth & development of people, companies, industry and society.

Meet The Team

One man runs faster; one Group runs further; one Team aims higher and one Unity grows together. We develop one another as a professional, trustworthy, entrepreneurial, mission-driven, target-oriented, high-activity & customer-focused team, driving towards our common values and goals.
  • Leo Wong

    Mobile: 6282 8201
    Email: leo@hkjobc.com
    Global Banking & Treasury

  • Dickson Wong

    Mobile: 5428 7949
    Email: dickson@hkjobc.com
    Business Development, Banking & Finance
    Human Resources & Secondment Services
    Senior Management

  • KK Wong

    Mobile: 6165 8486
    Email: kkwong@hkjobc.com
    Agency Distribution & Partnership Distribution, Insurance
    Actuarial & Product, Insurance

  • Ken Ng

    Mobile: 6996 8648
    Email: ken@hkjobc.com
    Relationship Management
    Loans & Credit Operations

  • Parami Chiu

    Mobile: 9616 4768
    Email: parami@hkjobc.com
    Information Technology

  • Janice Kwan

    Mobile: 6769 2989
    Email: janice@hkjobc.com)
    Global Banking & Treasury
    Risk & Compliance, Securities & Asset Management
    Middle & Back Offices

  • Joseph Tsoi

    Mobile: 9790 3488
    Email: joseph@hkjobc.com
    Investment & Insurance
    Securities, Finance & Credit Card Operation

  • San Wong

    Mobile: 9367 1012
    Email: san@hkjobc.com
    Corporate Banking & Credit Risk
    Relationship Management
    Information Technology (Non-technical)

  • Ada Lui

    Mobile: 9710 9507
    Email: ada@hkjobc.com
    Digital Transformation & Digitalization
    Marketing & Corporate Communications

Our Services

Database Matching

Over the years, we have built a comprehensive database with over 120,000 talented candidates. Using professional techniques experiences, we are able to identify a list of qualified candidates who might not be located through other viable means.

Advertising Search

In addition to database matching, a targeted advertising campaign, in the local and regional publications, or most popular and relevant websites will enhance and promote your corporate brand image.

Targeted Hunt

It is the most thorough approach to find the most suitable and qualified candidates through a targeted headhunting supported by Database Matching and Advertising Search.

Recruitment Project Outsourcing (RPO) and Secondee Services

Apart from executive search services, Hong Kong Job Consulting will tailor make Recruitment Project Outsourcing (RPO) & Secondee Services for those companies with special request, which offer recruitment help our clients manage short-term recruitment spikes and specialized recruitment needs without added headcounts.


  • A meaningful career that not only helps match company and talents but also improves the living and happiness of many families. – HR manager, from a reputable local bank

    HR manager, from a reputable local bank
  • Caring helpful attitude and professional following-through and assistance

    John Smith
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    Alan Godor

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