Hong Kong Job Consulting

Our Business Philosophy

To be both professional head-hunters and farmers in Recruitment Industry

Man Vision


To be our clients’ first-choice Recruitment Partner in Talent Acquisition & Management by delivering unique recruitment solutions beyond our clients’ expectation.



Guiding Principles


Time conscious, innovative, continuous improvement


integration of people and system creates value and excellence.


Supportive, cohesive, positive;


Balancing clients’ and company’s interest


Self-driven, sustainable growth

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Self-driven, sustainable growth


Ethics, Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habit


Great leader is great follower; servant leadership


Work smart and play hard, strive for all win


Love and Equity are two sides of the same coin


Strong passion to long-term and sustainable growth

Service scope

Meet The Team

One man runs faster; one Group runs further; one Team aims higher and one Unity grows together. We develop one another as a professional, trustworthy, entrepreneurial, mission-driven, target-oriented, high-activity & customer-focused team, driving towards our common values and goals.
  • Leo Wong

    Mobile: 6282 8201
    Email: leo@hkjobc.com
    Global Banking & Treasury

  • Dickson Wong

    Mobile: 5428 7949
    Email: dickson@hkjobc.com
    Business Development, Banking & Finance
    Human Resources & Secondment Services
    Senior Management

  • KK Wong

    Mobile: 6165 8486
    Email: kkwong@hkjobc.com
    Agency Distribution & Partnership Distribution, Insurance
    Actuarial & Product, Insurance

  • Ken Ng

    Mobile: 6996 8648
    Email: ken@hkjobc.com
    Relationship Management
    Loans & Credit Operations

  • Parami Chiu

    Mobile: 9616 4768
    Email: parami@hkjobc.com
    Information Technology

  • Janice Kwan

    Mobile: 6769 2989
    Email: janice@hkjobc.com)
    Global Banking & Treasury
    Risk & Compliance, Securities & Asset Management
    Middle & Back Offices

  • Joseph Tsoi

    Mobile: 9790 3488
    Email: joseph@hkjobc.com
    Investment & Insurance
    Securities, Finance & Credit Card Operation

  • San Wong

    Mobile: 9367 1012
    Email: san@hkjobc.com
    Corporate Banking & Credit Risk
    Relationship Management
    Information Technology (Non-technical)

  • Ada Lui

    Mobile: 9710 9507
    Email: ada@hkjobc.com
    Digital Transformation & Digitalization
    Marketing & Corporate Communications